Fire Risk Assessment

A Fire Risk Assessment is an organised and methodical look at the premises, the activities carried out there and the likelihood that a fire could start and cause harm to those in and around the premises.

The Fire Risk Assessment will be arranged at a time suitable to you. We will, as part of your assessment:

  • Identify any hazards

  • Identify any people at risk

  • Evaluate the level of risk to enable this to be reduced or removed completely

  • Record the significant findings and details of the action to be taken to reduce or remove the risk

  • Advise on an acceptable timescale to complete any recommended actions

  • We will liaise with you to assist in the completion of any recommended actions

The areas covered in the Fire Risk Assessment are:

  • Fire Hazards

  • Risk

  • Means of escape

  • Escape planning

  • Fire fighting equipment

  • Fire alarm system

  • Emergency lighting

  • Signage

  • Combustible storage

  • Arson prevention

  • Staff training

  • Record keeping

In order to assist with your Fire Risk Assessment we would need to see the following information:

  • Site fire policy

  • Site plans

  • Copy of previous Fire Risk Assessment

  • Fire extinguisher, alarm and emergency lighting test records

  • Staff training records

  • Details of hazardous substances

  • Details of flammable substances

  • Electrical test records

  • Plant maintenance program and records

If you don’t have all this information don’t worry, this is what the Fire Risk Assessment is designed to cover. We will tell you in the assessment what is missing and how to rectify it.

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