Fire Risk Assessments and Fire Training

Since the introduction of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and The Fire Safety (Employees Capabilities) Regulations 2010, a Fire Risk Assessment and employee Fire Training must be carried out within all businesses and organisations. 

Most companies don’t have the required skills to assess the risks and define the necessary corrective actions, you can outsource the Fire Risk Assessment and Fire Training to RRS.

A full site inspection and detailed Fire Risk Assessment by RRS will identify the necessary steps to improve your fire safety. Your comprehensive report will contain recommendations to bring your site up to the required safety standard.

We also provide Fire Training which will be tailored to your specific needs based on the findings of your Fire Risk Assessment.

What are the benefits to my company?


Companies can face large fines and Company Directors held personally responsible, including the possibility of a custodial sentence,  in the event of a fire without having had a Fire Risk Assessment carried out

Financial Loss

Aside from the obvious loss of assets, if a fire occurs and you have not conducted a Fire Risk Assessment, there is a likelihood that your insurance company may not honour your policy

Peace of Mind

Rely on our expertise to protect your staff and your assets, our recommendations will minimise the impact on your business in the event of a fire and give you maximum protection and peace of mind

Fire Risk Consultant

With a wealth of experience, we’ll provide you with a service bespoke to your needs, ensuring you meet legislative requirements and providing ongoing support and advice to manage all your fire safety obligations.

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Fire Training

Staff fire training is a requirement under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 – we’ll provide the perfect fire training package for your needs, including theory and practical work.

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Passive Fire Protection

Passive Fire Protection refers to materials built into the structures that surround us which are intended to slow or prevent the spread of fire.

The purpose is to maximise the time available to safely evacuate a property.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fire Risk Assessments

A potential minefield for any business or organisation, the importance and relevance of an up to date Fire Risk Assessment can’t be overstated, but what exactly is involved?

What does the law say about it and does your business definitely need one?

About Kris Randall

I started the business in November 2013 whilst serving as a Police Officer. Following 28 years working as a Firefighter and a Police Officer, I am now working full time with the business.

I live in Harrogate with my wife of 25 years and my 3 wonderful children who are excelling with education at university, high school, have employment and play various sports, I’m a lucky man.

I’m able to offer my clients more than just a generic tick box Fire Risk Assessment as my experiences are invaluable. I understand the behaviour of people in a fire, understand how fire develops in a compartment, can complete all the correct documentation and understand relevant, current legislation.

My intention is to ensure businesses and organisations meet with current legislation, but without the need to spend a vast amount of money.

I have had many testing and interesting experiences over the years, and with absolute honesty and integrity and a “can do “attitude, I will ensure your building and risks within are reviewed and a sensible action plan suggested only where required.

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